Tomahawk Honda Cafe Racer

honda-cb900-cafe racer

Some of us grow up to love motorcycles. Others have an amazing experience that gets them fired up and excited about bikes. In the case of Manolo and Joao Sameiro. Loving motorcycles is in there lineage. In 2013 both of the brothers opened up ‘Sameiro’s Motors’ in Viana do Castelo. Their goal was to produce bikes that would impact the cafe racer and tracker scene. Continue reading

Brandon’s CB750 cafe racer

1971-honda-cb750- cafe racer

It’s not every day you hear about a new builder that strikes gold on his first build. Usually builders build a few bikes and learn the ropes before building a beautiful bike. This is what makes this bike even better.  Not only was this his first professional build but he was able to do it in a month. Meet Brandon Wurtz. Continue reading

Dimitri’s Honda XR600r Custom

honda-xr600r cafe racer

This build personally surprised me and motivated me. Being a first time builder it’s freighting to get a bike and to start fully rebuilding it. Personally the work did not scare me that much. I just did not want to spend a fortune on parts and tools that I would need to complete the bike. The builder of this Honda XR600r cafe racer is Dimitri Chaussinand. He was able to build this whole bike in the underground parking garage of his apartment block. Continue reading

Pedro’s Honda CX500 cafe racer

CX500 cafe racer

We have all had moments when we were younger and we saw something for the first time that fully captivated us. For me it was my Fathers friends Mitsubishi. I still remember getting supper excited every time we got to ride in the 91 Mitsubishi VR-4 turbo. That car might have been where my love for cars started, but for Pedro it was a sweet CX500 in a magazine at his grandmother’s house. Continue reading

Miguel’s 69 Honda CL350

Miguels honda cafe racer cl350

For most of us including me. My first bike experience was and still is a learning experience. If I was to start over again I would do many things differently. But I am happy that I went through it because I learned so much. I know that next time I will spend much more time figuring out exactly what I am going for and having all the parts come together nicely. Now for other people like Miguel Castro this was not an issue at all. Continue reading