Honda GB 250 “The Moscow Brat”

In the world today you never know where inspiration will find you.  For Val Semin it took a very special surfing trip, travelling from Moscow to Bali where he stumbled upon the Deus Ex Machina and Malamadre Motorcycle crew who are known for their unique brat style creations.  After pulling some more ideas from Auto Fabrica’s clean designs the vision was complete.

Now that the idea was conceived a foundation was needed.  A unique choice was made to use a 1993 model Honda GB250 Clubman, a Japanese model relied on for its dependability.  At the heart of the Honda was a strong DOHC 250cc single that puts out a respectable 30 BHP.  Although Val saw this model as the ideal platform for his simplistic vision, what he ended up with was a worn out bike in need of extensive repairs.

With little time away from his day job working for a venture capital fund, Val was forced to turn the brunt of the work over to a trusted local bike shop.  He was able to provide the shop with enough instruction and personally sourced parts to develop the bike of his dreams.

They began by tearing the bike down to the bones and redesigning the rear section of the bike to match the desired lines of a brat style bike.  After achieving the right look from the frame the seat was then reimagined with a custom formed rear fender that incorporated enough room for the fat tires but still keeping the low profile brat style seat that Val was most fond of.

A fully rebuilt engine followed along with a K & N pod filter and megaphone style exhaust.  The electronics were tidied up and stripped down to the essentials.  The front end was dressed up with a custom fender, larger headlight, and a set of clip-ons fitted with some Bitwell Thruster grips.  Dime City Cycles was the source for the classic fork boots and their mini speedometer tucked nicely into a discreet minimalist package.

On the rear, Bates supplied the LED taillight nicely fitted on to the tail section along with a custom built license plate mount that keeps this machine road legal.  Lastly a set of Firestone Deluxe Champion tires give this bike the classic look Val was looking for.  From the beautifully hand crafted seat to the vivid blue paint, this brat catches your eye in more ways than one.

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