1977 CB 500 “Dessert Racer”

Building motorcycles may not have been Frederik Perrson’s first choice in career paths, but it is definitely in his blood.  Like many of us, Frederik’s childhood was filled with dreams of one day speeding around on a two-wheeled machine that Mom would never approve of.  Starting with bicycles then mopeds and eventually motorcycles, two wheels was always his passion.

Although life isn’t always that easy and sometimes has other plans….in this case, plans that tasted much better.  Frederik dove into his first career as a chef in the extremely competitive culinary world where he rose in the ranks of chef stardom working at various high end restaurants.  He was forced to curb his motorcycle passion to focus on a career in the world of food but always had that burning deep down to use his creativity to build two wheeled creations instead of savory ones.

A few years into a successful career Frederik turned in his apron for a pair of overalls and went to work.  He began by renting some garage space, buying a motorcycle and tearing it down, soon after realizing he was in over his head.  Instead of tucking his tail between his legs and walking away he instead offered up a helping hand to a local shop in exchange for allowing him to learn the ins and outs of the motorcycle business.  He was enthralled as he developed the skills necessary to continue his passion.  Although working on mostly stock bikes, he was gaining knowledge that most people pay for instead he was working for.  It is skills like these, earned with your hands that are the most valuable.

Working for free is as expensive as it is rewarding, luckily after eight months Fred was offered a full-time mechanic position that began to fuel the fire.  With a few more bucks in his pocket he was able to get back to work into what would become Paal Motorcycles.

After dusting it off and reassessing the status, this 1977 CB500-Four would be brought back to its intended glory.  With inspiration drawn from early Porsches and obsession with clean lines and detail, the build began.  An all original CB500 was stripped down to the bone allowing for the natural lines to be exposed.  The old wiring was tossed for a fresh harness as well as an updated electronic ignition.  His engine guru Ebbe freshened up the engine with new pistons and valves and a honed cylinders.

He then fitted a retuned set of carbs to match the pod filters and new 4 into 1 exhaust.  The trimmed and powder coated frame was given a nicely matched suspension to handle the bumpy stuff.  A set of clip-ons and a nicely shaped hoop section for the rear seat give this cafe racer its attitude. Arguably the best part of the bike is the seat, with that chocolatey brown leather and matching knee pads, I think this qualifies as dessert.  Well done Chef Perrson!  Bon Apetit!

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