Jure Šuln Honda cb750c Cafe racer

honda cafe racer

Check out this great bike that Jure Šuln built. Here is his story.  My brother Jaka and I both own the Honda Africa Twin bikes, which we use and abuse for our trips and forest raids 😉

honda cafe racer rear

Then came idea to make a “city” bike that we could use as a daily rider, since Africa is a big bike. I also own a 1984 Vespa, but wanted something bigger for daily rides…  We wanted to do this project on a budget and we decided to use a Honda bike, mostly because we are already knew the reliability of Hondas. SOHC are rare in Slovenia and in most cases either very expensive or in very bad condition… so DOHC was the goal… The goal was set not to spend over 2500 euros on complete build. Bike + parts + labor.

cafe racer handle bars

Because we own enduro bikes, we liked the scrambler style. So this was main idea for the café racer. We did some research about CB models and everybody disliked the C model – being a chopper style bike. Different wheel sizes, seat pan is too big… chopper handlebar. But at the end the C model is always the cheapest to buy and one in super mint condition came by for sale. So we decided to go for. It’s a 1982 CB 750 C, with 62.000 km. All tuned up and serviced.

honda cafe racer dash

We didn’t like the style of most cafe racers we saw online… where they remove the airbox compartment, electricity and side panels… looks kind of empty. Airpod filters on carburetors look nice, but we knew that there will be problems with fine tuning the original carbs with pods and we didn’t want to spend the money on new carbs, electricity, batteries, regulators,  tuning etc…   we thought that bike should look like it came from factory but modified with style.We needed help with fabrication, so we called our friend Matija who has a company called CustomNorth (www.customnorth.com) where he builds his own bikes.

honda cafe racer seat

Chopped the rear end, new end loop, 18″ rear wheel, new custom rear fender out of scratch, modified front Harley fender, custom made side panel to cover all the original wiring and airbox, original tank,  build a seat pan, removed the dashboard and use the original speedo. – Like I said we wanted to look like it came from factory 😉 Matija made new small dashboard and wired new signal lights. Very subtle and hidden. Used the original Honda front light / repainted…

cafe racer front

we lowered the front forks so the bike would be in “line”, powdercoated the original reversed comstars, added Heidenau K60 tyres – the same as we use on our Africa twins… we also used Africa twin enduro footpegs that came off from our Africa’s few years ago… The seat was made in Croatia by Mr. Vlado Čigir,  using real leather and not PU leather. We liked the “machine gun” look from rear so we decided to leave the original mufflers, being this a daily city ride the sound volume is just about right… Renthal handlebar… and that’s about it. We used nardo gray colour to match the “army” look and at the end, we stripped the paint from original Honda emblems, which were factory painted with black edges.. but underneath was a nice gold shine 😉

honda cafe racer seat

Jure Šuln: graphic designer – freelancer and a motorbike enthusiast. www.artisan.si

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