Josip’s Honda Cafe Racer

Honda cafe racer

Seeing this bike on Instagram instantly grabbed my attention. I had to find out more about this bike and the Man behind it. So without further to do here is Josip from Mighty Motorcycles.

honda cafe racer rear

There is a beauty in almost every motorcycle, but very often this beauty need’s to be peeled out of a big bunch of plastic or other useless stuff that you don’t really need.

honda cafe racer front

Here Josip Bucic from Mighty-Motorcycles comes into play, from the black forest in a sleepy town south of Germany.

honda cafe racer front head light

It was always my dream to make custom bikes and when this passion became uncontrollable I began my path with custom building.Inspired by the classic cafe racers from the 60’s, this bike was build with that very purpose in mind.

honda cafe racer rear

The vision was to provide old school feel with raw beauty by making a bike like no other.  To build a puristic motorcycle that only keeps what it needs to be ridden and create
a design that hopefully makes other jaws drop down to the asphalt.

honda cafe racer gas tank

The most critical part at the original bike was the suspension.To improve the riding experience I put at the front some modern forks from the 90’s with some wilbers progressive springs to keep the original design from that time. At the rear I integrated shocks from Koni. To make a better stability on the road I replaced also the swingarm with a longer one.

honda cafe racer motor

To clear up all the rubbish from the triangle of the frame I hidden all the electric parts under the seat and some of it in the frame.

honda cafe racer carbs

There are huge man hour invested in the metal work and welding. Every metal part is hand made. One of the many defining features is the gas and oil tank.

cafe racer honda front

The goal was to hide as most as possible, so the gas tank was resized to a smaller volume to make room for the oil tank. The Oil tank is now hidden under the gastank.

The engine is completely overhauled and tuned up to 820cc.

Other specs:

– handcrafted rear seat part and fender
– K&N pod filters
– Exhaust: Handmade with megaphone muffler
– Wheels: XS-Performance rims
– Brembo rear brakes
– LED tail light and indicators
– Gilles-tooling clip on’s
– Tarozzi foot pegs
– custommade triple clamps

honda cafe racer magazine

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