Dime City Cycle CB750 “Mabel”

Dime City Cycles Cb750

October 14, 2012 was an exciting day for Steve Matiasz of Brooklyn NY. He was the lucky winner of  this bike beautiful bike (Mabel).What happened was Iron and Air partnered up with Dime City Cycles and wanted to build a bike to give away. The goal was to use as many bolt on parts that Dime City Cycles had to offer. They wanted to show what kind of bike is possible to build with a lot of bolt on parts and simple modifications. Since Dime City Cycles had enough parts to build 10 CB750’s Herm and Jason decided that the CB750 would be the perfect bike to build for this giveaway.

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Once Herm found the donor bike for a bargain, they took it to the shop and started taking it all apart. It did not take long for the whole bike to be disassembled and placed in buckets. Now with just a raggedy frame left they could start the modifications. The guys started of by cutting off the unnecessary parts of the rear frame to make room for the Dime City Cycles Rear hoop. The reason they decided to loop the rear end was to be able to fit the Thruxton Seat with the Dime City Cycles cushion. The fuel tank was also swapped out for a Motorcycles Manx Tank. Both of them were both painted Black and read to match the Dime City Cycles theme.

Dime City Cycles CB750

The muffler on this bike is not ordinary either the guys went with a stainless steel cone muffler that has the 4 into 1 exhaust.  The suspension was also upgraded to a progressive suspension with a 7 way adjustable dampening system and 2 inch shorter fork tubes. This would definitely help this bike exit out of corners more confidently.

Dime City Cycles Cb750 Cafe

The electronics on this bike were also updated to modern specs with a Dyna Electronic Ignition designed to work well with the new Keihin CR racing Carbs. The carbs were also equipped with an accelerator pump for an improved throttle response.

Dime City Cycles cafe racer Cb750

To get the riding position right, the guys switched the stock foot rest for a seat of rearsets that would give them the desired riding position. They also installed the Dime City Cycle Speed bars with Nissin Controlls. This gave the bike the perfect café racer position they were looking for.

Dime City Cycles CB750

There were many other parts that went into this build like new lighting, a dime in the top triple clamp and 2.5inch gages. If you want to see all the parts that were used for this build. Check out the list below. There will also be a link to Dime City Cycles in case you want any parts.

CB750 Dime City Cycles

Click on this LINK to see more pics and the list of parts.

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