Dimitri’s Honda XR600r Custom

honda-xr600r cafe racer

This build personally surprised me and motivated me. Being a first time builder it’s freighting to get a bike and to start fully rebuilding it. Personally the work did not scare me that much. I just did not want to spend a fortune on parts and tools that I would need to complete the bike. The builder of this Honda XR600r cafe racer is Dimitri Chaussinand. He was able to build this whole bike in the underground parking garage of his apartment block.

honda-xr600r-cafe racer honda

I would say that’s probably not the best place to build a bike. Simply because of all the inconveniences. Now to be honest this Honda Xr600r is Dimitri’s second build. The first one was a small Yamaha TW125 that was built in the same underground parking garage with the same conditions. Right after he sold the little Yamaha he wanted to build a bigger bike with a little more custom work done to it. That was where this Cafe racer project started.

honda-xr600r-cafe racer

Searching around Dimitri was able to find this 1995 Honda XR600r thumper. Now the bike had aftermarket 17’ supermotard wheels. This was the first think Dimitri wanted to bring back to stock. He really likes the stock 21 up front and 18 in the rear set up. Dimitri says that it gives the bike the right proportions and also makes it more practical in all terrain.

honda-xr600r-cafe racer

Now with that out of the way the planning started. Dimitri wanted to keep the same styling as the TW125 he just sold. So in efforts to do that he picked up a 1980 Honda XL125s tank that fits perfectly on the XR600R frame. To keep the bike proportioned Dimitri decided to keep everything else as compact as possible to match the tank size. The rear end was modified and a custom simple sub frame was added. To keep with the minimalist look the license plate was mounted directly to the rear loop and the tail light/ turn signals were integrated into the seat.

honda-xr600r cafe racer

To keep with the simplistic style the front end was also minimalist looking. A mini speedometer with a small Bates style headlight was mounted off-center. With the rear end modified and simplified. The battery was re positioned and the air box gone. Now on one side a K&N filter sits and on the other side is a Wrenchmonkeees X Sandgvist bag.

honda-xr600r cafe racer

Dimitri also wanted to keep the exhaust close to the bike frame to keep it looking tidy. So he designed and rerouted the exhaust along the engine with a megaphone exhaust at the end of it. Dimitri also got the color scheme of this bike right on point. The silver, black and red, looks just right for this bike.

honda-xr600r-cafe racer

I would say this is a great looking bike that is fun to ride. This is not Dimitri Daily driver he actually rides a Triumph Street triple. This might not be the most practical bike, but it won’t leave you with out a smile on your face. Great Job Dimitri.

honda-xr600r- cafe racer

If you want to see more cool bikes check out the Instagram page for more bikes. Also if you have a bike you want to share with everyone send us an email.

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honda-xr600r-cafe racer

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  1. Paulo October 30, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    Nice Bike!!
    The distance between the wheels it’s original?

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