Pedro’s Honda CX500 cafe racer

CX500 cafe racer

We have all had moments when we were younger and we saw something for the first time that fully captivated us. For me it was my Fathers friends Mitsubishi. I still remember getting supper excited every time we got to ride in the 91 Mitsubishi VR-4 turbo. That car might have been where my love for cars started, but for Pedro it was a sweet CX500 in a magazine at his grandmother’s house.

front cx500 cafe racer

Pedro is now 25 and decided he was ready to build his dream CX500 cafe racer. He started searching for the right bike. That’s when he found a 1984 Honda CX500 donor bike in rough condition. The bike went through fire damage and that left a mark on the bike. Since Pedro used to help out his father and work on  bikes in the garage. He was confident that he could save this Honda and get it back on the road as a cafe racer.

cx500 cafe racer

Pedro started by removing the stock air box and tiding up the frame before he would get started on the motor and carbs. The frame received a new paint job and the cabs a pair of new filters. Now it was time to work on the running gear. Since the bike suffered fire damage the front forks had to be rebuilt or upgraded. Pedro decided why not upgrade to some fresh 07 GSXR 1000 forks. The rear received some Kawasaki ZX9 breaks and an 18’ rim. A few modifications had to happen to make them fit and work right. Pedro also pulled the front rim of the same ZX9 to match the back. Now with the wheels set up Pedro installed some Firestone Deluxe tires.  He also fully acknowledges that the tires are the only limiting factor for stopping this cafe racer.

honda cx500 cafe racer

Now with the engine sorted out and working right. Pedro stated work behind the driver’s seat. A phone mount was set up for navigation and all sorts of other cool things. Also a Motogadget speedometer was installed. A pair of new clip-ons and biltwell grips were added. The levers are from a CBR1000rr and the headlight from a Lamborghini tractor. The rear received a KTM crosser that finished of the bike nicely.

cafe racer triple tree cafe racer

The seat on this bike is custom. It was made from scratch with some dense foam wrapped with plush brown leather. I think it works very well with the rest of the bike. Over all I think this bike was a great success. Now during the process of building this bike Pedro fell in love with working on the bike. So this bike turned into more of a brand. That’s where “Wrench ‘n’ Wheels” came about. Since then Pedro decided to take on two more projects. So now he is working on a Kawazaki z650 and a Yamaha XS400. I can’t wait to see what he will do to those bikes.

front and back cx500 cafe racer

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honda cafe racer cx500

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