Eric’s Honda CB450


Eric Meglasson is the owner of this great looking Honda CB450. His journey did not start like most people. He had his share of ups and downs with bikes. With every year he would get more comfortable and would start getting faster bikes. But lately he has been trying to get a bike that would be more fun to cruise down the streets and have a fun naked look to it. Eric also owns a monster that he takes out on summer days but something about cafe racers had him hooked. So he started looking online and saving up pictures of Honda cafe racers.


At this point Eric did not even know that Brat style bikes even existed. He wanted the bike to have a pure shiny cafe racer look with a fat tire. After spending hours online collecting pictures of bikes and going through every bike on Bike EXIF he started searching on craigslist for the perfect donor bike. That was when he stumbled upon Rusty and was blown away. This was the exact bike that he was looking for and the bike that he would want to rebuild.


The bike that he chose to build was a Honda CB450. To build this bike he turned to Jared Johnson from Holiday Customs. He is a one man band that builds motorcycles out of Portland Oregon. He shares his space with a few other guys at the shop. Jared started with rebuilding the motor and adding an overbore kit from Superior Sleeves & Machine in Milwaukit Oregon. On one side of the motor they had removed the stock air box and had added a pair of cone filters. Just on the other side of the motor was the custom straight pipes made out of raw steel. Eric said he added a custom baffle to them to not piss of his neighbors.

honda-cb450-cafe-racer rear

To get more of that raw cafe racer look the handle bars on the bike where left raw steel matched with the raw finished throttle and not instrument cluster. Everything on the bike was left minimal with more function then form. This gave the bike the raw finish that Eric was looking for.

honda-cb450-cafe-racer-gas tank

The suspension also received some attention. The whole bike was lowered about an inch and a half with the help of the triple clamps. The wheels are 18 inch in the front and rear wrapped with Coker Tires. Most of the parts on this bike are either wire brushed or matte black besides the paintwork. After buying this Honda cafe racer Eric decided to clean up the bike a little more by re wiring the bike. He has also been inspired to start his own project with a 1982 Virago inspired by Classified Moto. He is also helping a few of his friends with their builds to get more Cafe racers on the road.

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