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cx500 Honda Cafe Racers

When building a cafe racer out of a Honda CX500 there is a big decision that needs to be made. What to do with the lines on the bike. This bike holds a beautiful engine but getting the right lines is crucial to making this bike stand out. A small mistake and the shape of the bike takes away from its potential beauty. Most people end up straitening the frame to make it more pleasing to the eye but not for this bike. This bike was in the shop and it was sitting all striped waiting for a decision to be made about the frame. Then after staring at the bike for a while the guys at Auto Fabrica started to like the way the frame looks and wanted the emphasis the natural flowing lines.

honda cafe racer cx500

After spending more time trying to figure out exactly how they were going to do this. The thought of reworking the frame a little to get the flow just right. But then they decided to take on the challenge and to work with what they had. They started of cleaning up the frame and trying to figure out the tank and seat option. So they decided to give it a hand beaten aluminum tank that would also flow into the seat. Now stepping to the side and looking at the body work it is flawless and it flows so well with the bike as if it was a liquid.

honda cafe racer cx500

This is not the first time the guys have built something so beautiful. There previous bike the Type 6 was also a masterpiece that had an interesting flowing tank. Now both bike have little details that take it that one step further.  This Honda cafe racer has a flush pop and twist gas cap. And the seat looks unbelievable.

Honda Cafe racer cx500

It has there logo on there with mettle rivets on the seat. The front forks were modified and shortened adding a pair of Maxton Springs. For the rear they had a pair of Hagon shocks and the not so good looking wheels where switched out for CB450 laced wheels. 19-inch in the front and 16 inch in the rear both of which are wrapped in Shinko rubber.

Honda cafe racer cx500

The whole motor was also rebuilt and some gas flowed heads where added for extra performance. The carbs where also rejetted and fitted with a pair of foam air filters. On the other end of the carbs is a one of a kind custom hand bent exhaust made out of 316 stainless steel.

honda cafe racer cx500

Like most well-built bikes everything was well tucked away and only the good looking bits where showing. The taillight on this bike was hidden near the right hand side of the rear shock. Now for the front the guys cleaned up the instrumental cluster and added a Motogadget speedo. The triple tree also had some custom work done to be able to integrate some switches.

Cafe racer honda cx500

Over this bike looks great and I think the guys at Auto Fabrica have done it again and built another classic timeless bike. If you like the bikes we are posting make sure to share with your friends and follow us on Instagram.

Original Source: Bike EXIF

Honda Cafe racer cx500

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