Buds motorcycles 2004 Honda CG 150

2004 honda cg150 cafe racer

Seeing this bike for the first time, the tires and the small displacement of motor stood out to me. I like how the bike looks so beefy and aggressive but yet hold a Honda CG 150 motor. Now many might say they don’t like small displacement motors, but I would beg to differ.

Cg125 honda cafe racer

I would say they are a different kind of fun. I have personally owned a Yamaha qt50 moped. With my mopped maxing out at 25 mph I had a blast riding it with my friends. After being the first person to get the moped I was easily able to convince 4 more of my friends to buy the same mopeds.

honda cafe racer cg125

The reason I think small motors are so fun is because you can rev them up and ride them hard while still not going dangerously fast. Any ways this Honda cafe racer was built by Bud’s Motorcycles. This is a dream bike they have building step by step. All the work that was done on the bike was done by Renan and his father at their home except the paint and seat. That was made by the guys at Enviado do meu.

honda cafe racer 2004 cg 125

While rebuilding the bike they had decide to keep the original frame and modify it slightly. Instead of chopping half of the bike of and re welding a custom sub frame. The guys built a tubular structure that kept the original chassis shocks mounts. They did not want to effect the bikes feel when going down the road.

honda cafe racer seat

The guys also wanted to keep this bike looking clean and minimalistic. So they were able to build covers for the chassis for all the wiring to go inside the frame. And for the bigger components like the batter.  they were all hidden under the seat.

honda cafe racer carbs

This bike was built in Brazil and over they had a hard time finding someone that could make them a custom exhaust. So that is why they went with the setup that they have now.

Check the guys out on Instagram and facebook and if you have not yet check out the best bikes of 2015 check out this article.

honda cafe racer gas tank

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