Unikat’s Honda CB550 Cafe Racer

honda cafe racer cb550

Cafe Racers started off in Europe. And even in 2016 Europe does not fail to surprise us with beautiful looking Honda cafe racers. This particular Honda was built by a shop called Unikat Motorworks. This shop is owned by an Oscar nominated special effects director Grzegorz Korczak.

When Grzegorz first built his cafe racer and took it into the streets he received lots of positive feedback. Some of the people liked it so much to where they would ask Grzegorz to build them a bike. So without much hesitation Grzegorz decided to open up a workshop where he could start building custom bikes.

front honda cafe racer cb550

Since then, Unikat has built over 20 bikes in the past 18 months of being open. His shop is now run by a team of people helping him produce these sweet looking bikes. Now there is a great feeling knowing that the bike you built is being enjoyed by others and that the owner really loves it. But when you get a customer comes back and asks you to build him another bike. You know you are doing something right. That was the case with Pascal. He is the owner of this Honda CB550k and his bike is probably the best bike that Grzegorz has built yet. When Pascal approached Grzegorz he said, “I want to build a custom bike because I can’t find a bike that I completely love.”

honda cafe racer cb550 details

Pascal also mentioned he had a friend that works with old Mercedes who offered him leather from a 1950’s Mercedes 300sl Gullwing. So Pascal wanted to use that leather for the custom seat. When Grzegrz heard that he wanted to make this bike themed after the old Mercedes.  That was when project 550SL was born. This bike tool approximately 680 hours to build and the help of 18 individuals.

cb550 cafe racer

The guys started of striping the bike apart and rebuilding the motor. Since the bike is 38 years old the engine needed a rigorous clean. Most of the engine parts were sandblasted except the case witch was polished by hand. To improve the bikes performance the stock air box was removed and some handmade pancake filters were fitted. To go along with the performance. A free flowing exhaust was installed.

honda cafe racers cb550

The rear of the bike had some work done to it also. The bike sub frame was shortened a bit and a custom rear cowl was added to cover up all the electronics. Clip on handle bars and Raask rear sets were a must to get the proper cafe racer riding position.  A second disk break was added to the front to increase the breaking power on this vintage Honda cafe racer.  Both of the hubs were also replaced and relaced with new rims that were covered in Avon tires. The front end was also cleaned up and simplified. This was done with the help of the minimalistic Motogadget dial that was integrated into the headlight bucket. The triple tree also revived some finishing touches with a custom Unikat logo laser cut into acrylic plastic.


Probably the first thing that stuck out to me about this bike would be the paint. The guys realy nailed it with this one. This bike has a deep glossy finish with 3 hand sanded coats of clear. Over all I would say this bike looks the part and would definitely turn heads in the city.

cafe racer honda

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