Rat City Bike’s 1980 Honda Cafe Racer CB750

blackie cb 750 honda cafe racer

Here is Blackies Honda Cb750. Now the story goes like this. This would be two summers ago he bought a 1980 Honda CB750 custom for $1150 from Blaine Lake Sk. The family had to sell all there motorcycles because they were moving. So Blackie saw the Honda and it was in great condition with only 17000km on it. So he knew he must have it.

honda cb750 cafe racer

The first thing Blackie did when he brought the bike home was remove all the cosmetic stuff off the bike to see what he was working with. Now that the frame was exposed Blackie decided to cut of the whole rear section. He would weld in a new section that would be flat with a slight kick upwards at the end. Doing so also meant he would have to re position the rear shock mounts.

Blackie cb750 cafe racer

While working on the rear hoop Blackie decided to use a slug inside the frame tube for more strength. Then he fabbed up some new shock supports from 3/16” steel and pieced the whole thing together.

Now that the rear end was straightened out. Blackie wanted to keep it simple and clean. So that meant all the electrical and air box had to be removed or relocated. So the batter found its new home under the seat and was replaced with a Ballistic EVO2. Since this was a dry cell battery it can be installed on its side no problem.The rear coils were also replaced with a pair of coils of a 1996 CBR900. This will greatly improve the handling of the bike.

blackie cb750 cafe racer

The wheels where removed and sent out for powder coating. Since this bike was mostly stock when he got it. Blackie wanted to switch out the gas tank. So he ordered one from the US. He then quickly learned that you cannot purchase a tank from USA since he lives in Canada. He tried twice and Ebay would not let him. So he decided to source one from another place.

He then found a nice red tank in Quebec. It was of a 1977 CB750 and it was rust free and clean. Original he Blackie was not planning to have a red bike but the paint was too nice to paint over. And I am glad he kept that color. It looks great on his bike. Since the tank was of a different year it did not fit right in so Blackie had to use some force and beat the underneath of the tank to make it work. “You can always get the job done with the right amount of brute force and ignorance”  – Blackie-

honda cb750 cafe racer

The front end was also minimized. Blackie got rid of the whole gauge cluster and went with a mini speedo instead. This really cleaned up the triple tree. Blackie has also added an interesting detail to the choke knob. It is from a Gibson Guitar.

The wiring was next. After messing with the turn signals, Blackie figured out that a resister would solve all of his problems. Now starting to work on the rear cowl. The whole thing was fabbed up using 14 ga plates. Inside the Cowl Blackie was able to fit a concealed compartment where he can store his insurance papers and other important documents.  All the paint was done by Blackie and turned out great.

Honda cb 750 cafe racer

He also did a few other things like bump up the size on his jets due to the air box modifications. Over all this bike looks great. It took 4 months to build but Blackie is very satisfied in how his Honda cafe racer turned out. Check out more pictures and the full write up of his bike on his website. Check out more sweet bikes from 2015 at HondaCafeRacers.com

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