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This bike right here is something else. It is rare to see people building Honda CB900s because of just how awkward most of the bike is. To start of the weal base on this bike is 62-inches witch is huge compared to the smaller displacement Hondas. The bike also has awkward lines, long air shocks upfront, and a shaft drive. But apart from all of these things. Probably the weirdest thing about this bike is the 10 speed transmission that this bike has. It has 5 low gears and 5 high gears that are connected by a pedal. Almost like high and low gears on 4 wheals drive cars.

honda-cb900 cafe racer

Now this bike started off as a cruiser bike that a motorcycle enthusiast picker up on the cheap. After acquiring the bike he came into Montreal workshop and wanted to find out what the guys can do with the bike. The guys knew it would be a challenge to make the lines of the Honda Cb900 work but they like a good challenge so they took on the project.

honda-cb900 cafer racer

Now perfecting the bikes stance and turning it into a great looking Honda cafe racer was definitely a bigger part of the project. Samuel started off by getting rid of the air shocks up front and installing some progressive Suspension shocks that lowered the stance of the bike 4 inches. Now the original teardrop tank was not going to work with this bike. It was too bulky and did not fit in right. So Samuel installed and older Suzuki GS series tank on it.

honda-cb900- cafe racer

The electrical was also updated on the bike. It would now be running the new Motogadget M-unit with the lithium ion battery.  The front end also received some Motogadget parts like the new speedo, switches and bar-end turn signals.

honda-cb900- cafe racer

With the new gas tank installed the guys could now see how the lines were flowing so they were able to add a rear loop in the back to finish of the rear end. Since the bike was so big to start with the guys wanted to also give the bike a nice big seat that would complement the rest of the bike.

honda-cb900- cafe racer

Talking about the engine on this bike. Samuel installed the Wiseco 985cc kit and some Keihin CR31 carbs. At the end of the carbs are some custom velocity stacks custom made from Prism Motorcycles. On the other end of the motor are some beautifully crafted stainless steel 4 into 1 exhausts.

honda-cb900 cafe racer

The wheals on this bike are stock but are finished off with a nice black powder coat. Around the rims are the Pirelli MT66 Rubber chosen for its grip and design pattern. Now most of the bike is black except the gas tank and the rear fender that were nicely finished off in a raw-brushed look. To see more great bikes from 2015 check out this post.

Original Source: Bike EXIF

honda-cb900- honda cafe racer

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