1972 Honda CB350 “Maggie May” by Alex Burrows

1974 Honda Cb350

Alex burrows the builder of this bike is also the founder of Burrows Builds. His latest creation is this beautiful 1972 Honda Cb350 that he likes to call Maggie may. When Burrows picked up this bike it was in somewhat stock condition. He picked it up from a guy in Detroit. Once the bike was at home burrows started by striping the bike completely. While tearing down the bike he already had an idea of what he wanted this bike to look like. He was going towards a sweet little CB350 that was brat style and would have only the essentials with a bit of class.

1974 honda Cb350

When getting rid of the unwanted from the bike the rear end underwent some modifications as well. It was chopped of and a new rear end would have to be welded up to accommodate the seat that Burrows wanted to use. While ordering the seat for the bike burrows also sat down and planed out all the little details about the bike. What carbs to use, what color the bike should be and what tire to use.

honda cb350 1974

Now Burrows was not the only one that contributed towards this beautiful cb350. He had some help from old man, Cam, and Paul Dutra of Back Alley Motorcycles.  Over all this bike turned out great and Burrows is very happy with it. He says he already has a couple of builds lined up for this winter that he can’t wait to show the world.

Honda cb350 1974 cafe racer


Owner: Alex Burrows
Photos: Viktor Radics

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1974 honda CB350

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  1. Frank thibodeaux February 4, 2016 / 1:47 am

    Another abortion, cut from one of the greatest bikes of all time. Its like the 2010 decade is the equivalnt of the cheesy 1970s harley choppers but this time pumping out thousands of cookie cutter bikes that all look like this. No fenders…big tires, no Side covers. But hey, i bet th fixie croud loves it as much as their skinny jeans.

    How extremely boring.
    Id rather have a sweet nearlt stock CB than one of these 2010s moustache rider’s bikes.

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