Brady Young’s Honda CB750 F

Cb750 Cafe racer

Some times while building a bike according to plan, you come to a point where you decide to just go all out and build a dream bike. That is the vibe I get from this bike. Originally Brady Young
just wanted to freshen up the 1980 Honda Cb750 F. This bike was just the shop bike that lived at Seaweed & Gravel Garage. It was nothing special and showed signs of age.

Cb750 cafe racer

After figuring a few things out in the shop and finding some time. Brady sat down and started making a plan for the bike. The plan was simple. Clean up the bike, give it some paint and get it back on the road. Everything was going according to plan until he started mocking up the twin shocks in the back. They just did not look quite right.

honda cafe racer cb750 engine

This was when Brady got the idea of installing a mono shock for the bike. This was where the dream of the CB 750 cafe racer was born. They had a ZR750 shock laying around. After doing some calculations and reinforcing the frame. He was able to install it and get the desired look he was going for.

Honda cafe racer cb750

Now with the back sitting lower the front end was also lowered 1.5 inches with a fork brace added. Since the rear sub frame was modified. Brady decided to fit the electronics under the custom gas tank. This required the gas tank to be raised a bit with new mounts.

honda cafe racer cb750 The motor was not abandoned either. Brady installed some Uni Filters and 4-1 exhaust with a reverse cone muffler. Now with the increase in power the clutch would not be able to hold down all the power. So some upgraded plates and springs where added. The handle bars were also switched out form some tracker style ones. This helped get the desired riding position.

honda cafe racer cb750

Now it was time to decide on what kind of paint he was going to use on this bike. This proved to be one of the hardest things about build a cafe racer. Brady wanted to make sure he chooses the perfect color. So the color that he chose was a desert tan with gloss black accent. I personally think the paintjob looks amazing on the bike. The colors work very well.

honda cafe racer cb750

Here are the modifications:

1980 Honda CB750f

Custom built subframe
Converted to mono shock w/ reinforced swingers mated with a  Kawasaki ZR750 Rear Shock
Rebuilt and lowered front forks
Rebuilt brakes
Custom 4-1 exhaust
Raised and custom side mounted fuel tank
Frenched in neutral and oil pressure dummy lights on top triple tree
Repositioned mid-sets
Fully tuned carbs

honda cafe racer cb750


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