Blake’s 71 Honda CB350t

Blakes Honda cafe racer cb350

A project does not always have to go over the top to catch your attention. Many times when you see a nice looking bike not that much custom stuff went into it. When these bikes were originally made they already possessed that great look. Unfortunately most of that beauty was hidden by big firings and plastics. So just by cleaning up the bike and adding a few personal touches the bike can look amazing.

That is what happened with this bike from Melbourne. This bike was a Father and son build. Both of them have restored and worked on many cars before this, but they had the urge to build a motorcycle. Before this, Blake has owned a 1985 GB400 TT and added a few personal touches to it. So after selling it he wanted to find a Honda and convert it to a café racer.

Blakes honda Cb350 cafe racer

After spending some time looking for a bike. One turned up in Sydney. This was a 1971 Honda CB350. Sydney is about a 9 hour drive over night from Melbourne. So they took there work van and started heading out for the trip. Once getting there they met up with the guy that was selling it and checked out the bike. The bike did not start up. But it did turn over.

That was still a surprise to Blake because the bike has been sitting over 30 years. The bike was pretty much all there. Nothing major was missing.So they took the bike and started there 9 hour journey back home. Once they got the bike home they started disassembling the bike to bare frame. The next thing they did was cut of some of the rear end and weld in a custom rear hoop that would work great with the seat they had planned. Then they took as many parts as they could and zinc plated them and chromed out the tired looking parts. This definitely brought many years back to the bike.

Blacked honda Cb350

The gas tank was then prepped and painted in a metallic red by a local painter. The frame was painted two pack black by Blake and his dad. Now it was time for the wheels. The guys re-spoked them with a set of new rims and added some modern Avon performance tires. Talking about performance, Blake decided he wanted to freshen up the 30+ year old motor with some new parts like rings, chain tensioners and gaskets. They also added some Mikuni carburetors and got rid of unnecessary things like the electric starter.

Blakes Honda cafe racer CB350

The electrics were also thoroughly looked over and re wired and tucked under the seat of the bike. That is also were the gel battery would live. Using the front fender as a starting point 2 fenders were crafted from it. On for the front and the other for the back. Finally some nice finishing touches where added like discrete indicators, new clip-ons, cables levers and rear shocks.

Then the front and rear hubs where reconstructed and freshly polished.Another performance part would have to be the stainless steel exhaust. Also the rear sets where added to give the desirable café racer riding position.  For the triple tree clamp a guy overseas made us a billet alloy top clamp to suit the old external spring forks, it is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Finally the seat pan was fabricated and a local upholsterer trim it in black leather.

Blakes Honda cafe Racers CB350

Original Source: Return of the cafe racers 


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