Benjies cafe racer Honda XR400R

Benjies cafe racers xl400r

The Honda XR400R is a bike that is overlooked by the majority of people. It’s an interesting bike because it too big for beginners and not powerful enough for the experts. While being overlooked by most people the guys at Benjies cafe racers decided to pick one up and make it into a dirt tracker that would also be street legal. When the guys found the 2005 Honda XR400r it was already showing signs of weathering.

Benjies cafe racers xl400r

The bike was used as a commuter bike so it had a swollen gas tank and the plastic was just giving up. On a brighter note the bike was owned by a performance junkie that installed some sweet things like a 450cc piston kit, high lift cams, Excel wheels and an Akrapovic muffler.

Benjies cafe racers xl400r

Right from the start the guys at Benjies cafe racers decided they wanted to switch to a lighter front end design based on the earlier CBR600s. When building the front end the guys wanted to create a bolt on conversion. Just in case they wanted to switch the forks out. A custom steering stem had to be machined out to work with the triple tree and the steering neck.

Benjies cafe racers  xl400r

Since the front end was lowered so much the rear end started to stick up much higher then they wanted. To fix this the guys took and leveled out the seats with a bolt-in rear sub frame and they adjusted the rear shocks to a higher pre-load setting.

Benjies cafe racers xl400

After they were able to lower the seat the guys took and made a carbon fiber tracker seat that looks amazing with their black suede cushion. To complete the rear end and to still have the bike be street legal the guys added an LED tail light housing made out of brushed aluminum. This not only looked nice but it also complimented on thee gas tank and the front of the bike.

Benjies cafe racers xl400r

Speaking of the gas tank. Benjies cafe racers decided they wanted to make their own cafe racer gas tank that would make this bike stand out even more. They went with a teardrop style tank made from aluminum and a machined gas cap. Everything was then polished out to a mirror finish and some gold pinstripes were added to the tank to compliment the stitching on the seat.

Benjies cafe racers xl400r

After completing the rear and the gas tank Benjies decided they would take an aluminum sheet and bend it to make a unique looking front number plate. This plate also had holes in it to help cool of the oil cooler. It also has a pair of lights mounted on to keep this bike road legal.  Even though this bike is already light to start with. Benjes cafe racers where able to shave of even more weight with the modifications they made and they were able to take a bike that most would just over look and make it into something that just can’t be overlooked.

Benjies cafe racers xl400r

Pictures: Ben Chan

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