Roast Moto Honda CX500

Roast Moto CX500

When I first saw this bike I instantly noticed the art work on the tank and that’s what caught my interest. Then I looked at the rest of the bike and I noticed the quality and time that was put into this project. So I got in contact with the builder of this bike and asked him to share the story with you guys. And he was nice enough to share his whole experience with it.Roast Moto CX500

Roast Moto:

Built off a 1980 Honda CX500 donor, Roast Moto 005 is a blend between modern performance, and vintage styling. We took many trips to the original owners home in Tempe leaving with failed attempts to get the bike started. After 3 unsuccessful visits we decided to return to the seller and purchase the bike and diagnose it at the shop, praying it wasn’t anything too serious. After a thorough cleaning, tear down, and some engine work the CX500 came alive!

roast moto cx500 cafe racer

Then the work on the aesthetics were started. The frame was first shortened and butted, and had all of the unnecessary tabs and brackets removed before it was sent to powder coat in a layer of classic gloss black. The wheels were also powder coated, but in a semi-gloss to give multiple layers of black tones on the bike. The wheels were then wrapped in Firestone rubber, to give it the vintage look it needed to compliment all of the other modern components.

Roast Moto CX500 cafe racer

The tank was shipped off to Tennessee, where it was hand-painted by an artist that goes by the name of Zidekahedron. 3 months later, the tank returned with a unique pattern and styling from the artist that will never again be re-created. The seat was shaped from the stock seat, and wrapped by a local upholstery artist in a matching black and grey theme. Then, to contribute to the modern styling and performance aspect of the bike, a large aluminum Mishimoto radiator was modified to fit, along with steel-braided hoses and performance fittings.

Roast Moto CX500 Cafe racer

This radiator allows for almost twice the volume of cooling compared to the stock radiator, while also weighing about 2 pounds less. The original carbs were done away with and we installed some Mikuni Carbs. The exhausts can easily be described as the focal point of the bike, and that is definitely accurate when it comes to labor hours dedicated.

Roast Moto CX500 cafe racer

Each bend in the exhaust is created by pie-cut 1.75″ stainless steel, and TIG welded for a raw, elemental look. The 2 into 1 system is then topped off with a titanium/carbon Yoshimura silencer, giving the bike a deep, raw undertone that you just typically don’t hear in vintage bikes.

Roast Moto CX500 Cafe racer

The wiring boasts a motogadget m-unit v2, along with their mini-switches to keep the controls clean, and the m-lock for wireless access to the bike. A anti-gravity 8-cell lithium battery powers the bike. A single tachometer is run at the front to keep it’s simple styling, and a bright LED light strip is in place for the rear running light and brake light. It took over a year to design and build Roast Moto 005, but from the initial response that it has received, it was time very well spent.

Roast Moto CX500 Cafe racer

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