Bills Honda CBR1000rr Cafe Racer

Bills honda cbr

I believe that Bill Webb will soon be very well know if he is not already. You can’t go unnoticed building beautiful machines like these. Even though he did not do a crazy amount of custom work like some other builders, Bill was able to take an already amazing looking bike and make it even better.

Ninja 750

When building café racers it’s very easy to get carried away and to go overboard on modifications. Just because you can does not always mean you should. Just judging by the three bike that Bills has built. It looks like he mastered that concept very well. His bikes are simple and minimalistic.

Ninja 750

Bill has two passions in his life. Design and motorcycles. Not only do these two passions work well together but it looks like Bill is living out both of them. Not only does he have beautiful bikes but he also works as an industrial designer by trade.

ninja 750

Bill is also involved in a Franciscan agency called Huge Design. At that time he was driving his 1995 Kawasaki zx7. When the bike was stolen and striped down. Bill was able to recover his Ninja. With not much left on the bike. Bill decided to rebuild his bike with a more aggressive café racer look.


To make the bike exactly how he wanted he decided to machine a sub frame from a solid piece of aluminum. He crafted the sub frame to fit a nice Ducati 1098 seat with all the wiring under it. For the front head light he went with a Harley V-Rod headlight. With a few more parts this bike looked like something else.

CBR1000rr Bill

The motor did not receive much modifications aside from an exhaust and an upgraded radiator. This probably happened because the 120 bph it was already making was not a bad number for this bike.

bills honda cbr

When it came time to do the second bike. Bill looked into a more powerful bike that he could turn into a beast. After searching may bikes and not only looking at power he has found his perfect bike. This was a newer 2009 Honda CBR1000rr. Not only did this bike have 58 more HP then the Ninja but the frame on this bike was more appealing to Bill.

cafe racer cbr

Bill was saying that he wanted to embrace modern technology of the street bike but he wanted to implement the café racer look. For this bike Bill did not want to recreate a new sub frame out of a single piece of metal. Instead he made a rear tail piece that would actually bolt right up to any 2009-2015 CBR1000rrr.

cafe racer cbr

This bike was beautiful. So many people were just astonished from the work Bill did. So he decided to make a kit for people that wanted to have the same thing. Bill sat down and created a whole kit for these bikes. Everything that you would need to convert your Honda into this beast. His kit is available for pre order and he will be selling them for 3 grand. It might sound kind of pricy at first. But to know that his kit is complete and it has everything you need to create such a bike. You are also getting a piece of mind knowing that the materials he used for the parts is high quality and built well.Over all I would like to thank Bill for going after his passions. He has created machines that truly inspire others and motivate the rest to step up there game.

honda cafe racer cbr

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