HCR CB550 update (bike is now on the road)

HCR Cb550

This is just a short update on how the progress is coming along. So the bike is finally on the roads and its street legal. Since I bought the bike form an auction I had to pass state patrol to get them to sigh off on some documents. But you can say that it was not so successful. I did get my registration no problems. But I do have to wait 3 years until I can file for a title. The reason for that is I don’t have a title from the lower end of the motor that I bought on Ebay. Since it was just a guy on Ebay he did not have the title to the motor either.

HCR Cb550 and CB350

I guess there is two ways to look at this. The good part is that I am now stuck with this bike for 3 years and that gives me much more time to get it closer to where I would like to see it. But at the same time I would love to build another Honda bike. I would be interested in building a cb750. Not so much for the power but I would like to bike to be more planted on the road. When I go 60 mph on this bike the front end does not feel so good. It gets small speed wobbles.

HCR CB550 and CB350

Maybe if I have the bike for 3 years I will end up doing a GSXR front end conversion and that should fix the problem. I am also having the hardest time starting the bike and keeping it running at low RPMS,s. Right now it wants to idle around 4k. So I decided to put some carb cleaner through the bike and clean out the old carbs. But that just made things worse.



Not only is it much harder to keep the bike running but now it also started backfiring and shooting flames on the left side. So I decided to see If the previous owner messed with the carburetor jets. So I took them apart and there was the stock 38 size pilot jet and the stock 100 main jet. So today I went online and got my self 40 pilot jet and a 110 main jet. I am hoping this will make a difference. I will still have to sync up the carbs and I am hoping for a 1k idle speed. I also have to change my front brake pads. They work fine but I can hear that something does not sound right when I use them. It also looks like the rotors have small scratches on it. Once I get the bike running good I will be trying and find a good deal on a rear hoop. I would like to be able to secure the rear seat better.


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