Eric’s Honda CB550

erics CB550

Today’s feature is a special one for me. This one is of my buddies Honda cb550. Before I knew what a café racers is I would see Eric’s cb550 on Instagram and I thought it was a good looking bike. At that time I was not even looking for a bike. But I knew that if I would get one, it would be a similar style bike. Some more time has gone by and I started talking with my group of friends about owning a motorcycle. The summer prior to that we bought 3 Yamaha qt50 scooters. Those where fun to just cruise around on but with a top speed of 25mph it was hard to get anywhere on those.

erics cb550

So I proposed an idea of getting similar motorcycles. At first we looked at the next step up witch would be the newer Ninja 250. We loved the bike but it just did not sit right with us. It sounded like a dirt bike and the rear tire was supper thin. So we started looking at other options that we like. Then I remembered Eric’s bike. I showed the guys the pics and they also liked it. So now we were set out to fined similar looking bikes. That is when I found out what a café racer even is. Even though Eric’s is a mix between brat and café. Not much longer I found a CB550 on an auction and picked it up.

eric and his cb550

With my bike at my house is started putting in work. My friend Peter was next to get a bike. He actually got his custom made form a shop down in Florida. He got himself a Yamaha Virago 750. (Witch he is also selling) And now only my other friend was left. He was not in a position to build a café racer, so he spent many hours online trying to find a decent one for a good price. Sadly the cheaper ones are cheap for a reason. Most of them are half finished janky projects. And the nicer bikes are becoming more expensive. So after a month of searching he decided to just get himself a Yamaha r6.

peter's virago


Any ways where I am going with all of this is Eric’s bike is pretty much the reason why I started liking café racers in the first place. And probably why 3 of my friends now own a motorcycle. Now the reason I liked Eric’s bike so much is because I know his build quality. While we were both in high school I remember Eric getting himself an older e30. The car was nothing special when he got it but, When he was done with the car many years after. The car looked like a show car. It was swapped with a newer BMW motor and everything about the car looked OEM plus. Even though the car is more than 25 years old it would look like he just bought it new. So I knew that when Eric started posting picture of his CB550 build something good is about to come out of it.

erics cb550

He actually got this bike from a man down in Oregon whose dad got the bike brand new from the dealership in New York many years ago. Since the father gave the bike to his kid the bike has been siting for about 2 years after being posted for sale. That was when Eric spotted it and picked it up. When he got the bike it was all stock. Eric rode the bike that way for around 300 miles to get a feel for the bike and to see what he would want to improve on it. After getting the fell of the bike he started with the build proses.

erics cb550

He first striped the bike down to bare frame and started working his way up. He says he built this bike without cutting any corners and I believe him. This bike looks amazing. Eric handmade most of the parts except the seat, wiring harness and a few other little things. The goal of this project was to make a bike that won’t just look great but also be issues free. A bike that you can start any time and go for a ride knowing you won’t be left stranded. It took some time to ride and to fine tune all the little details for such a bike. But now Eric feels like the bike has gotten to that point. After fine tuning the bike he still put on 3k miles on it during the summer. He also has records of all the recites for the build.(If you want to know what went into this build check out the list below.) Now Eric is selling his bike. I’m hoping it’s to make room for another project that he can do some of his magic on. If you are interested in buying it check out the craigslist link

erics cb550


-Detabbed removing mounts for the battery and old fuse box

-Tail brace to stiffin frame

-All Balls roller bearings on the headset

-Painted with Por-15 chassis coat


-Completely resealed with new gaskets.

-Tappets adjusted

-New spark plugs

-New gold chain

-New sprocket

-Allen Key hardware kit

-Custom made Lossa Engeering 4 into 1 exhaust with exhaust wrap

-Painted with Por-15 Engine coating


-Custom made wiring harness made by Sparck Moto out of Portland, OR. This harness is slimmed down only using the essentials.

-Modern regulator and rectifier

Anti Gravity Lithium Ion battery

-Dime City Cycles Speedometer with working indicator lights

-Dime City Cycles smoked rear blinkers

-Cognito Moto Electronics tray under seat to hold all electronics and battery.

Suspension and Tires:

-DCC adjustable rear shocks

-Stock front forks with new seals and fluid

-Pirelli Route Tires


-Rebuilt front caliper

-Custom steel braided brake lines

-Rebuilt rear drum brake


Handmade by “Hellmuts” a custom helmet company. It was made with dual density foam and rear cowhide leather.


-Every bolt replaced with zinc coated hardware

-Rebuilt hand controls

-Oil changed using only Amsoil and K&N oil filters



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