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VT500 Turbo

When I first saw this bike it took me a second to figure out what it was. Obviously it was a Honda. But it was not the typical CB series or even cx, this was something else. Not only did this bike looked aggressive and mean but it had a turbo charger on it. This bike was something else.


This bike was actually a Honda vt500. Not something I would expect to be turned into a café racer. When this bike was first made, Honda was trying to figure out if they were going to make this into a cruiser or a street driven bike. Well the guys at Strange Coast Moto clearly made this into an aggressive street monster. This all started when a client approached Strange Coast Moto with a build request.


He wanted them to take his not so great looking Honda vt500 and turn it into something grate. He was not opposed to the idea of having modern parts on it. He just wanted it to be this particular vt500 because it had some sentimental value to him.So Ben and Dragos took this bike in and gave it a complete transformation. When the guys first got the bike it was not a bike many would be proud to own. Now, after the transformation, I can’t take my eyes of the bike. There was so much time and planning put into this build.


It was not easy to achieve this look. Ben and Dragos put in many hours of work and innovation to make this project come together.Ben warren was in charge of fabrication, prep work, and tedious tasks. Were Dragos was taking care of the planning, and more of the technical part of it. This bike looks the way it does is because Ben and Dragos have an eye for design and spend a good share of time designing.


There were many hard choices when It came too choosing the parts for this bike. For the front end they decided to use a modern suspension from the Honda 954rr. This fit the bikes aggressive look very well. The headlight came of a predator. Since they were going for an aggressive look, they decided that they would build this café racer with a single predator light. They felt that the smaller single head light fit the part for the build. They also custom made a front faring that houses the speedometer and turbo gages.


When the time came to the engine. The guys inspected the motor and saw that it had low miles so they did not need to dig into the motor. Instead they spent the money on a 1544 VW golf turbo charger. They chose this particular one because of its compression maps witch happened to work out great for the vt500.


As you can tell the frame does not look stock either. They have done many modifications to get the frame looking the way it does. They have made the frame considerable aggressive by welded up a custom sub frame. The sub frame has a nice trellis design with exposed metal look. This makes the bike look raw especially with the raw leather they used for the seat and the handlebar grips. The rear was also widened by using some bigger Avon Desansias tires.

strange coast moto

The gas tank was also a nice choice. They went with the cx500 tank and shaved the bottom to give it a single unit feel. The paint was done by Robert Garcia from Alternative image HD. Witch looks amazing and matches the color theme of the bike. Over all I am extremely impressed with the build quality of these guys and there ability to make a vt500 look so good.

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