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You know what people say, good things come in two. This is where the “Bones Hart Specials” shines. These two bikes are identical CB750 that where build by deBolex.For all of those who have not heard of deBolex. They are a custom bike shop in London. There owner Calum’s Started building bikes when he came back from his vacation. At that time he did not have a real career and was not sure what to do next. Luckily he got the idea to buy a Honda CB and turn it into a café racer. That was his first build, the “mk1” a Honda CB750. Since then he has built 6 bikes and all of them are different. No two bikes are the same. Except of course this last build where he build two cb750 side by side.

Honda CB750

Calum who is the designer of the build, says he builds bikes that are all about style. These bikes are not built to go fast. He tries to build bikes to look minimalistic and have a great flow to them. These two bikes where not easy to make. Not only does a lot of work and planning go into building a bike but imagine building two identical ones.

honda CB750

Calums favorite time to build bikes is late in the evening when the shop is empty and everyone has gone home. Calum turns up his music and just gets work done. When it comes time to add things to the bike. Calum tries to make things look as though they have always been there. This shows nicely in his builds. Everything is positioned in the perfect spot.

honda cb750

These two bikes are the first projects for 2015. The deBolex team are excited to build these bikes because the customer wants to pursue his dream of taking these bikes to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The customer also saw the other bikes that deBolex build and full entrusted them with the design of these two bikes.

honda cb750

Most builds usually start out in a mess. They need to remove the unnecessary things from the bike. After that, they will start to put together the front end. Calum likes to get the forks in to give the bike the right angle. This helps with shaping the gas tank. Once they get to working on the rear. Calum and Dezz would just stand back and stare at the rear end for hours. Trying to figure out what shape would work best.

honda CB750

For most of these project Calum has his right hand man Dezz working with him. They have worked for years together. When they were doing the prep work for this project.  Many times it would feel like not much was getting done. In reality they were saving lots of time and money when it came time to build the bike. Everything was already planned. It made it easy to order parts and required materials.

honda cb750

The exhaust took lots of work to get done. Calum would go and pick up the bent pipes from Simpson and then spent many nights cutting welding and grinding the exhaust to perfection. The seat was not overlooked either. They spent many hours designing a seat so that it was good looking and quality built. They made the seat with a quick relies latch that opened up to a small glove box compartment.

Calum and his bike

I can say that nothing on this bike was put on unplanned. Everything has its place on the bike and it all looks good together. Even though some of the parts are new. The bike still holds true to its older café racer style character and looks the part.


Here are some of the parts that were used for this build.

Complete overhaul and restoration of the motor.

Powder Coated and renewed mechanical parts.

Inverted fork

Front fender.

Clip on Handlebars for that café racer stance.

K & N Air filters.

Custom made 4-1 exhaust system.

Dunlop Sportmax tires.

Motogadget speedometer.

A yellow tinted Headlight.

LED tail light.

Tarozzi footrest

Most of the other parts where custom made.

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