Aftermarket Honda Café Racer Parts CB550


Here is a video that reviews a few parts that are going into a Honda CB550 build

There will be a new K&N Oil filter installed. The part number for the oil filter is kn401. Also the big plastic air box will be removed and there will be 4 K&N pod filters installed.

Since this bike is older and everything is out already might as well replace the chain. For the Honda CB550 a Standard chain is recommended with a light of 530×100.

Clip On Handle Bars
Now if you are planning to get rid of the big handlebars and go with a cleaner look we would recommend some clip on handle bars. If you will use them on the Honda Cb550 then the size is 35mm for the fork and 7/8 thick for the handle bar.

Now the original bike comes with 2 throttle cables. One that opens the throttle and the other one that closes it. Some people might want to get rid of the cable that closes the throttle but that is also not recommended because there have been instances where the throttle would lock up and not close. That would be the last thing you want happening to you on the road. So make sure to choose the correct throttle.

Break Lever
Now lastly is the front break lever. When shopping for one make sure that the diameter is the same as your handle bars. In our case that would be 7/8th of an inch. Then the next thing to consider is your break set up. For a stock cb550 you are running one break caliper up front. Therefor you should get a 14mm break lever piston. If you would be running a 2 caliper set up you would want to go with something more than 14mm, but since we only have one, 14mm is great. Going larger is not recommended because the sensitivity of your brakes lever will also go up.


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