First HCR project CB550

Honda CB550

So here is how this project started. One day I was talking to my friends about how great it would be to get bikes and to ride them in the summer together. After talking about it we decided that we should get the same type of bikes together and ride in the summer.

That’s when we started searching blogs and other sites like Pinterest for bikes that would catch our attention. Also a bike that all 3 of us would like to own. That’s where we quickly realized a trend in the motorcycles that just caught all of our attention immediately. Most of these motorcycles had this naked look to them with a big round headlight in the front. With no plastic covers. We were surprised that we don’t see that many of these types of bikes around us because we thought it was the coolest thing. We then started looking into what types of bikes these are and what they are called. That was when I was first introduced to the café racer and I quickly fell in love with these bikes. They look so simple. They had this vintage look to them but also felt very modern at the same time. They look like they would be easy to work on and lots of fun to just cruise around on. What I liked most about these bikes is that they were so simple. Everything unnecessary was taken out and only the essentials where left and updated to modern specks.

So that is when I started my search for a project bike. After looking at some bikes I knew two things. First I wanted to get a bike with 4 cylinders and second I wanted to get a Honda. My reasoning for both is, Honda is known for making reliable motors. And that is definitely something I would like to have in my café racer. Especially since these bikes are so old now.  And second I wanted the motor to have 4 cylinders because I just like how the 4 to 1 exhaust sounds.

So the search began I was mainly looking for CB500 four, cb550 Four, and CB750 not long after the search I found a Honda cb550 on an insurance auction. It looked like the bike was dropped but the damage did not seem too bad. The handle bars where slightly bent and the stator cover was busted. So I made a few phone calls and ended up winning the bike from the auction. After picking up the bike from Portland Oregon I got started on fixing it the next day. I started with removing the handle bars and then moved on to what was left of that stator cover. It all seemed like it was good until I tried to kick the bike over and noticed that the magneto had a wobble in it when it turned. After doing some more research I realized that I would have to get a new stator and replace the crank shaft as well. So I decided to strip the whole bike down completely and start rebuilding everything and that is where I am at now.

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